Workshop B

Meet the expert: Discussion on FP clinical cases Synopsis

New diagnosis of cancer is a stressful situation for patients and family and becomes even more stressful for young patients when fertility hazards may be an issue involved.

When consulting for future fertility, the FP experts needs to take in consideration medical, physiological and cultural factors. It is crucial to make good clinical decisions, act fast and be effective and most important safe.

Different oncologic diseases request different approaches and" tailor costume" management of complicated medical situations is often required.

In this session experienced and opinion leaders in the field of FP will share experience and discuss medical approaches, protocols and inter centers networking by presenting typical clinical cases including clinical evaluation, multidisciplinary consultations, clinical decision making, and technics of fertility preservation.

Meeting experts which daily deal with these dilemmas, will enable us to study case managing of common oncologic situations and compare fertility preservation approaches in different leading centers. The course would be a good platform to test and compare clinical guiding criteria.

The experts will present and discuss clinical cases which will be opened for discussion and open questions. Also, cases and dilemmas can be addressed to the panel in advance (through the congress mail).

Actively discussion and literature quotations will expose the participants through the flow chart from the first referral to the continuity of the action taken and follow up of post treatment.

Objectives: Presentation and discussion of FP cases in different clinical setting- Young breast cancer patients, hemato-oncology, gyneco-oncology, pediatric patients and FP in genetic POF.

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